How To Activate Nvidia Graphics Card On Laptop Lenovo? | Easy Guide 2023

If you’re looking for how to activate Nvidia graphics card on laptop Lenovo then I must say that this article is right for your case because of today.

I will talk about how to activate an Nvidia graphics card on a laptop Lenovo.

Laptop specs

Lenovo IdeaPad Y550P CPU Intel Core i7-740QM Processor (1.73GHz, 6MB Cache) Graphics NVIDIA GeForce GT 445M with 1GB GDDR5 VRAM Memory 8GB DDR3 PC3-10600 1333MHz SDRAM Hard drive 750GB 7200 rpm SATA Operating system Windows 7 Home Premium (64-bit)

I’m using a Lenovo laptop and the NVIDIA graphic card is installed and works perfectly, but I always use an HDMI cable to connect my laptop to the TV for games and movies, etc.

Lately, I’ve upgraded my GPU drivers with this download: NVIDIA GeForce Graphics Driver  – Lenovo IdeaPad Y550P (IdeaPad Y550P) video card  I’m not sure if this is the right way to do it, but it works for me.

Activate Nvidia Graphics Card On Laptop Lenovo?

To activate the Nvidia graphics card on a laptop Lenovo you should follow these steps:

  1. Shut down your computer and unplug all power cords from the back of the computer.
  2. Remove the battery from the notebook.
  3. Press and hold the power button for five seconds.
  4. Plug your computer back in using only the AC adapter. Do not use a docking station or an external monitor.
  5. Now start your laptop and plug in an external monitor so you can see what happens.
  6. The first thing you’ll see on this screen is a menu. Press the F8 key repeatedly until you see the Advanced Boot Options screen.
  7. Use the arrow keys to select Safe Mode with Networking and press ENTER.
  8. Windows will start in safe mode and you’ll be able to use your computer normally.

Lenovo Switchable Graphics

  1. To activate the Nvidia graphics card on the laptop Lenovo opens the device manager and looks for the NVIDIA GART driver.
  2. Right-click on it and select Update Driver Software…
  3. Select “Browse my computer for Driver software”
  4. Go to folder <CD Drive>\NVIDIA Corporation\NVIDIA Update and run the setup.exe program.
  5. It will install the Nvidia Graphics card on your laptop just like how to activate the Nvidia graphics card on a laptop Lenovo.


As mentioned, Nvidia graphics cards are not pre-installed on Lenovo laptops.

However, by following the steps in this post you can install it yourself and enjoy all of its benefits.

If your laptop is more than five years old with Intel integrated graphics, upgrading to a new laptop might also be an option for you that will provide faster performance and better battery life.

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