Top 6 Best HP Pavilion X360 Compatible Pen [June 2022]

Are you looking for the best HP Pavilion x360 compatible pen?

Here, We review the most compatible pens for HP Pavilion x360 convertible laptop and choose the top 6 picks only many of them after research.

Which commonly includes Hp Envy laptops and HP Pavilion x360 touch laptops.

The IT world is always innovating gadget features, and we have seen the rise of 2-in-1 laptops during the previous six years.

These laptops are used normally, but the demand for stylus pens has arisen because they include a touch screen.

Laptop pens opened the path for digital artists and designers and allowed easier drawing, sketching, etc.

Image Product Details   Price
Hacey Active Pen For Hp Pavilion x360 Hacey Active Pen For Hp Pavilion x360 Weight: Lightweight 
Power source: Rechargeable
Battery life: Up to 400 days
Check Price
FRG Stylus Active Pen For Hp Pavilion x360 FRG Stylus Active Pen For Hp Pavilion x360 Weight: Lightweight 
Power source: Rechargeable
Battery: 1 AAAA battery is required to use
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AZX Active Stylus Pen For Hp Pavilion x360 A Active Stylus Pen For Hp Pavilion x360 Weight: Lightweight 
Power source: Rechargeable
Battery life: Up to 6 months
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RENAISSER Stylus Pen RENAISSER Stylus Pen Weight: Lightweight 
Power source: Rechargeable
Battery life: Up to 70 hours
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Stylus pen by BoxWave Stylus pen by BoxWave Weight: Lightweight 
Power source: Rechargeable
Battery life: Up to 12 hours
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Bbata Stylus Pen For Hp Pavilion x360 Convertible 14 Bata Stylus Pen Weight: Lightweight 
Power source: Type-c charger
Battery: 20 hours of backup
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Top 6 Best HP Pavilion x360 Compatible Pen

1. Hacey Active Pen For Hp Pavilion x360 – Best Overall

Laptop Wiki - Hacey Active Pen


  • It is compatible with the HP Pavilion x360 convertible, Spectre x360 laptops, and many models.
  • Weight: Lightweight 
  • Power source: Rechargeable battery.
  • Fine tip
  • Battery life: Battery health will last for up to 400 days


Hacey Stylus Pen for HP Pavilion x360 is designed to fit the touchscreen on the HP Pavilion x360 laptop and is compact in size.

It makes it easier for you to draw and write on your screen with a touch of a button.

This pen comes with a battery that can last up to 400 days of health.

The tip is precise due to its 0.5 mm writing point. The stylus pen comes in 2 colors: black and white.

Hacey Stylus Pen is a great gift idea for birthdays, holidays, or as a present to yourself.

It is a great hp pavilion x360 convertible compatible pen that performs very well and is a great option for touchscreen enthusiasts who want to be creative and be at the top.


  • Easy connectivity
  • Compatible with Hp
  • Precise tip
  • Long battery life
  • Good quality build


  • No Cons

2. FRG Stylus Active Pen For Hp Pavilion x360 – Editor’s Pick

Laptop Wiki -  FRG Stylus Active Pen


  • Compatible with HP Pavilion x360 and other x360 models
  • Weight: Lightweight 
  • Power source: Rechargeable battery.
  • Easy to connect with the side button
  • Battery: 1 AAAA battery is required to use


Here we introduce the FRG Active Stylus Pen for the HP Pavilion x360.

This pen is perfect for use with Windows 10, making it easier to draw, sketch, write, and edit photos and videos.

The FRG active stylus pen has a fine point tip that is perfect for even the smallest of screen displays so you can be more precise in your work.

It also offers pressure sensitivity, so you can create bolder lines depending on how hard you press down on the pen.

Using an FRG active stylus allows you to have a smooth drawing experience without worrying about getting fingerprints or smudges on your touchscreen display that are easily noticeable when using fingers or gloved hands.

The FRG active stylus pen will work with all Windows 10 applications, including Windows Ink.

Since the active stylus pen has pressure sensitivity, you don’t have to worry about your display getting damaged if you press down too hard while using the pen.

It is ideal for editing photos and videos, even on a small screen, and a very easy way to draw with precision.

It has pressure sensitivity that allows for bolder lines when pressing harder on the barrel of the stylus.

It is compatible with Windows 10 applications and has a USB dongle for charging. The best use of this pen is by attaching it to a cheap laptop to give your laptop a pro look.


  • Easy connection
  • Compatible with Hp x360 laptop
  • Solid build


  • A bit pricy than other pens

3. AZX Active Stylus Pen – Best Runner Up

 Laptop Wiki - AZX Active Stylus Pen


  • Stylus incompatible with HP Pavilion x360
  • Weight: Lightweight 
  • Power source: Rechargeable battery.
  • The fine tip and easy to connect with the side button
  • Battery life: One battery can last for 6 months with good usage


The AZX active stylus pen has many advantages over your old-fashioned pen and paper, especially if you have a Windows 10 laptop like the Hp Pavilion x360.

It can control many applications in both standard and touchscreen modes.

It is a good stylus pen for artists and writers who need to use a pen on laptop screens, making them very comfortable when they don’t have any pen and paper to write on.

It is very lightweight and can be carried easily in your pocket.

Easy to carry is an advantage with these kinds of tools that you can take them anywhere, and if they don’t fit in your bag, you can put them in your pocket.

Battery life is amazing, and you can go with a single battery for months with a good charger that doesn’t affect the battery’s health that much.

It is easy to connect with the side button, and no need to pair first and then use it with your laptop.

You get two buttons on the side which function as right-clicking and an eraser(helpful in drawings).


  • Easy one-button connection
  • Comfortable with Hp x360 convertible
  • One battery lasts almost 6 months
  • Build Quality is good


  • Charging takes time

4. RENAISSER Stylus Pen – Best For Drawing, Sketch, NFT

 Laptop Wiki - RENAISSER Stylus Pen


  • It is a hp pavilion x360 compatible pen stylus that works with HP ENVY x360 and Spectre x360 laptop computers.
  • Weight: Lightweight 
  • Power source: rechargeable lithium-ion battery.
  • Ultra-fine tip with 2mm tip
  • Battery life: 15 minutes of charge and up to 70 hours of use


The RENAISSER Stylus Pen for HP Pavilion x360 is the future of taking notes, doodling, and sketching.

It can be used on virtually any touchscreen, from your phone to your laptop to even your fridge.

Plus, with two programmable buttons for quick access to Adobe Photoshop CC or Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 shortcuts, you’ll have all the tools you need in one handy device.

With this stylus pen, you’ll never need to think twice about how to take a note ever again.

You can be sure you aren’t going to lose this tool. It has an LED light that turns on automatically when it’s removed from your pocket or bag.

When you’re done using it, turn the stylus off by pressing an on/off button that doubles as a cap at the opposite end of the pen.

And because it’s rechargeable, you can use the stylus pen to take notes even after you’ve run out of juice.

The RENAISSER Stylus Pen is lightweight and thin enough to fit in any pocket or bag so that you can take this tool with you wherever you go.

Plus, because it’s made of aluminum, it won’t make any noise when being used.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your RENAISSER Stylus Pen today!


  • Easier connection
  • Comfortable with Hp
  • Very fine tip
  • Long battery life
  • Solid build quality


  • No Cons

5. Stylus Pen By BoxWave – Best Budget For Hp Pavilion x360

Laptop Wiki - Stylus Pen By BoxWave


  • Stylus pen by BoxWave is compatible with HP ENVY x360, Pavilion x360, and Spectre x360 laptop computers.
  • Weight: Lightweight 
  • Power source: Rechargeable battery.
  • Ultra-fine tip with 2mm tip
  • Battery life: Equipped USB-C fast charging with 30 minutes charging for a battery life of up to 12 hours. 


There are thousands of stylus pens available, some of which are brand-exclusive and others more adaptable.

We’ll look at the top stylus pen for the HP Pavilion x360, as well as its benefits (that make it the best pen for the Hp Pavilion x360 convertible), and why you should buy it right now.

BoxWave stylus pen is an active pen that lasts a long time, and it is compatible with the HP chrome book, Spectre, Envy, and HP pavilion series.

It has a portable, durable and compact design. It has the finest drawing tips and includes two extra replacement tips.

The battery gives you 12 hours of continuous use and a long standby capacity in terms of usage.

It is useful not only for drawing but also for electronically signing documents.

In addition, instead of eraser tips, it features erase/undo buttons. When you’re not drawing, you can also use it as a mouse.

The main function s its palm-rejection technology, and it does not need any Bluetooth as it works on batteries. 

The Acupoint active stylus pen pairs comfortably and doesn’t require any pairing.

You need to press the button and turn the pen on, and there you have it.

The pen is very strong with a brushed aluminum barrel, which provides strength.

It also comes with ultra-fine tips that can easily replace if damaged or used according to the requirement.


  • Easy to connect
  • Comfortable with Hp
  • Ultra-fine tip
  • Long battery life
  • Solid build


  • No Cons

6. Bbata Stylus Pen

Laptop Wiki - Bbata Stylus Pen


  • HP Pavilion x360 compatible stylus pen
  • Weight: Lightweight 
  • Power source: Type-c charger
  • User-friendly connection
  • Fine nib for better accuracy, 1.5mm tip
  • Battery: 20 hours of backup


The HP Pavilion x360 is one of the latest products in the company’s lineup of 2-in-1 laptops.

These laptops are designed to change functions at any moment, swapping between being a laptop and a tablet.

The device uses tactile input to interact with the screen, which works well for activities where precision is sometimes needed, but not always.

There are many affordable options available for those who don’t already have a stylus that works with their laptop or tablet.

The Bata stylus pen can be an excellent option for someone who wants to have more precise control over their laptop without having to use their finger or mouse all of the time.

There are several models available for less than ten dollars that will work well with the x360, but it is important to know a little about how these devices work and which one is compatible with the Hp Pavilion x360 convertible before purchasing one.

It is a good stylus pen and has all of the necessary features for a stylus pen to have.

It is a good option if you are new to stylus pens because it is very user-friendly and can help you be comfortable with your touchscreen faster than another stylus pen.


  • Easy connection
  • Hp x360 compatible pen
  • Excellent build quality
  • Fine nib
  • Battery timing with up to 20 hours


  • No cons

Frequently Asked Questions

Does HP pavilion x360 support a stylus pen?

Yes, the HP Pavilion x360 supports a stylus pen because it is convertible and has a touchscreen that allows you to use your active stylus pen with this HP laptop.

Can I use any stylus pen with my HP Pavilion x360 laptop?

You cannot use any stylus pen with a Hp laptop; you need to find only the Hp pavilion x360 compatible stylus pen that works fine with this laptop.

Does Hp active pen work with Hp Pavilion x360?

Yes, Hp active pen works with Hp pavilion x360 laptops and has many generations with different varieties and qualities.  

What is the Difference Between Active and Passive Stylus Pens?

Active stylus pens require batteries or charging through a USB port, while passive stylus pens do not.

What stylus goes with the Hp Pavilion x360?

The Hacey Stylus Pen goes well with Hp Pavilion x360 laptop, and it works very smoothly with the touchscreen.

Does HP Pavilion x360 Have Pen?

No, the Hp Pavilion x360 laptop does not come with a pen, and you need to buy a stylus pen separately to use a stylus pen with your x360 laptop.


The popularity of 2-in-1 touchscreen laptops cleared the way for stylus pen development.

These stylus pens are intended for more technologically advanced activities that were previously only possible on tablets and iPads.

You may use active stylus pens to sign online documents, make digital drawings and images, and navigate instead of using a clunky optical mouse.

Making NFTs is also a lot easier with a stylus pen because you can draw on your screen and straight away sell it as an NFT on the Opensea marketplace.

These stylus pens will be very helpful for digital artists in the coming future and mainly in the NFT marketplace and will help them create and sell NFTs in the future.

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