Top 6 Best Laptop For Using Zoom In 2022

The year 2020 was the year of the pandemic and that brought about a lot of opportunities for businessmen and women, students, and teachers to communicate with each other using different mediums and one of those mediums is Zoom.

Zoom has been very fundamental in bringing everyone close to each other.

There were video calling apps before that would enable one to connect and do family video calls.

But now, engaging with a classroom of 20-plus students has been made easier by Zoom.

Zoom has been very fundamental in bringing about a mass of people together in an online forum or app.

To use Zoom, you can use different mediums but the laptop has been very useful in bringing about all the necessary features on hand.

We have discussed below that what would be the best laptop for using Zoom and that too with all the necessary features.

6 Best Budget Laptop For Zoom Meetings

Image Product Details   Price
Acer swift 3 Acer Swift 3 Processor: AMD Ryzen 7
Storage: 512GB SSD
Display: 14†FHD IPS
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Dell inspiron 15 3000 Dell Inspiron 15 3000 Processor: Intel Core i3
Storage: 512GB SSD
Display: 15.6†FHD LED
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Dell XPS 13 Dell XPS 13 Processor: Intel Core i5
Storage: 256GB SSD
Display: 13†FHD IPS
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Lenovo Thinkpad T460 Lenovo Thinkpad T460 Processor: Intel Core i5
Storage: 256GB SSD
Display: 14†FHD
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ASUS ZenBook ASUS ZenBook 14 Processor: AMD Ryzen 5
Storage: 256GB PCIe SSD
Display: 14†FHD Widescreen
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Lenovo Flex 5 Lenovo Flex 5 Processor: AMD Ryzen 5
Storage: 256GB PCIe SSD
Display: 14†FHD
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1. Acer Swift 3 – Best Overall

Laptop Wiki - Acer Swift 3


  • Processor: AMD Ryzen 7 4700U
  • RAM: 8GB DDR4
  • Storage: 512GB SSD
  • Display: 14†FHD IPS Display
  • Graphics: AMD Radeon Graphics
  • Connectivity: WIFI 6, Bluetooth
  • Extra Feature: Fingerprint Reader, Built-in Alexa


Acer Swift 3 is a very good laptop with more than decent specs. AMD Processors are fast and require fast RAM to work properly.

Acer has not been disappointed at all in that section. Firstly, it has provided with Ryzen 7 4700U processor that too with AMD integrated graphics which does most of the work quite well.

To help out the processor in running system files and apps, the laptop has 8GB DDR4 RAM, which is necessary for the AMD processor to work smoothly.

This is one of the best laptops for using Zoom without a doubt on a budget because it has quite a good webcam, screen, and build quality, and the keyboard is also large enough to write properly.

WIFI connectivity is the next generation for such a budget-friendly laptop.

The storage device in this laptop exceeds expectations as well with a 512GB NVMe SSD. This laptop is an almost perfect example of the best budget laptop for students.


  • It has a good processor
  • It has a good SSD
  • It has a good Webcam


  • Doesn’t have a discrete graphics card

2. Dell Inspiron 15 3000 – Budget Laptop

 Laptop Wiki - Dell Inspiron 15 3000


  • Processor: Intel Core i3-1115G4
  • RAM: 16GB DDR4
  • Storage: 512GB SSD
  • Display: 15.6†FHD LED Display
  • Graphics: Intel UHD Graphics
  • Connectivity: WIFI, Bluetooth
  • Extra Feature: SSD and DDR4 RAM


Dell Inspiron 15 3000 is the 2021 edition and packs some good specs for both, students and teachers.

This laptop is powered by an Intel processor and Intel UHD graphics, which give it a nice touch of elegance and performance.

It has Intel’s Core i3 11th Gen processor, which is the latest generation of a processor.

Zoom works fine on this laptop without any problem running.

The Graphics section is powered by intel’s UHD graphics and provides a decent color scheme on screen.

The screen has an LED panel and is 15.6†in size. It is an FHD display with 1920 x 1080p resolution and an anti-glare feature.

The RAM on this laptop is very good with 16GB DDR4. Most laptops in this price range would rather have 8GB DDR4 or 16GB DDR3 RAM.

So, in this case, it is a bonus that this laptop has 16GB of DDR4 RAM.

It is always good to have SSD as a storage unit because most laptops only offer an HDD with 128GB of SSD in some cases.

But, Dell has provided 512GB of SSD and that is quite astonishing.

The webcam is also quite good for long video calls on Zoom and the battery will not die soon.


  • Decent processor
  • Good Webcam
  • Good Speakers
  • Good Screen


  • No Graphics card

3. Dell XPS 13 – Premium Pick

Laptop Wiki - Dell XPS 13


  • Processor: Intel Core i5 10210U
  • RAM: 8GB DDR4
  • Storage: 256GB SSD
  • Display: 13†FHD IPS Display
  • Graphics: Intel UHD Graphics
  • Connectivity: WIFI 6, Bluetooth, Thunderbolt 3
  • Extra Feature: Touchscreen, Fingerprint reader


Dell XPS 13 is an elite laptop but still in this category for some reason.

The reason is that it is one of the best laptops out there and that too under 1000$, with premium quality that is only found in 1500$ laptops or sometimes even more.

If you can afford this laptop then it is the best laptop for using Zoom in this list.

Quite compact design and elegance are some of its features. It looks premium and feels premium.

The laptop comes with an Intel Core i5 10th generation processor along with Intel UHD graphics.

This processor is quite fast and is value for money in this budget.

The laptop has quite a good screen too. The laptop has an FHD 13.3†touch screen and has quite good viewing angles and brightness.

This laptop also has 8GB of fast RAM and 256GB of PCIe SSD, which is also fast from its perspective.

Overall, the laptop works exceptionally well and battery performance is also very good.

This is the best laptop you can get for office work from home, for students, and for teachers to conduct Zoom meetings and lectures without any hassle and worrying about recharging the battery.


  • It has a premium build quality
  • It has a fast and 10th-generation processor
  • It has fast RAM and SSD
  • It comes with a Fingerprint reader and Thunderbolt 3 connectivity


  • It doesn’t has a graphics card for its price
  • A bit pricy

4. Lenovo ThinkPad T460 Laptop

Laptop Wiki - Lenovo ThinkPad T460 Laptop


  • Processor: Intel Core i5 6200U
  • RAM: 8GB DDR3
  • Storage: 256GB SSD
  • Display: 14†FHD Display
  • Graphics: Intel HD Graphics
  • Connectivity: WIFI, Bluetooth
  • Extra Feature: Lithium-ion battery


Operating Zoom is not that much of a task and is quite easier to use.

That is why it can run on a laptop running a budget-friendly processor like the 6th generation core i5.

This Lenovo ThinkPad runs Intel core i5 6th generation processor and has Intel HD Graphics integrated.

This is not the best processor right now but for the budget, it might be the best.

There is no graphics card on this laptop and that explains its price.

The laptop is built very well and its components can be improved and replaced over time according to the needs of the user, it is quite heavy.

But what is important is that this laptop can do most of the tasks related to the Zoom app very well and doesn’t allow the laptop to heat up and has a good battery backup with a heavy charger.

The laptop is a classic and comes with 1080p resolution with not the best color schemes.

It might not be the best laptop for using Zoom, but it does run zoom and gets the job done.


  • WIFI and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Processor is decent
  • The keyboard layout is quite good
  • Specs can be upgraded with time
  • Budget-friendly


  • Not the best screen
  • Quite heavy
  • No graphics card

5. ASUS ZenBook 14†Laptop

Laptop Wiki - ASUS ZenBook 14†Laptop


  • Processor: AMD Ryzen 5 4500U
  • RAM: 8GB
  • Storage: 256GB PCIe SSD
  • Display: 14†FHD Widescreen Display
  • Graphics: Nvidia GeForce MX350
  • Connectivity: WIFI, Bluetooth
  • Extra Feature: Backlit Keyboard, HD Webcam, Stereo Speakers


ASUS has made this an exceptional laptop and pledges to bring even more budget-friendly makeovers with some good specs.

ASUS ZenBook is fully loaded with a blend of specs like powering up with an AMD Ryzen 5 4500U processor.

This processor is well supported by the Nvidia GeForce graphics card MX350.

Both processor and graphics card works very well with each other and does most of the office-related tasks including Zoom meeting management.

The RAM and SSD do not cause any issues and help the laptop run smoothly including all the apps and software.

It is without a doubt one of the best laptops for using Zoom because of its good lightweight build quality and HD webcam for Zoom meetings and classrooms.

The laptop screen is quite good with an LED display panel.

A backlit keyboard, Stereo speakers add extra features to the laptop and enhance its beauty and performance of the laptop.


  • Good processor and SSD
  • Decent looking laptop
  • Backlit laptop for night work
  • Has a graphics card
  • Stereo Speakers for conference calls on Zoom


  • The screen is not that colorful and feels a bit dull

6. Lenovo Flex 5 Laptop

Laptop Wiki - Lenovo Flex 5 Laptop


  • Processor: AMD Ryzen 5 4500U
  • RAM: 16GB
  • Storage: 256GB PCIe SSD
  • Display: 14†FHD
  • Graphics: AMD Radeon integrated
  • Connectivity: WIFI, Bluetooth
  • Extra Feature: Quick Charge, touch screen, digital pen


Lenovo Flex 5 is one to beat on this list honestly. It has all the features necessary and can do your Zoom meetings and tasks efficiently.

The flex 5 has 360-degree rotation on it which allows it to be used as a touchscreen-only laptop, without the keyboard.

The stylus would work wonderfully well to accommodate students in taking notes while on video calls at the same time.

The presentations will be a lot easier on the webcam with the enabled touch screen and stylus.

The laptop has an AMD processor, with AMD Ryzen 5 4500U, and comes with AMD Radeon graphics to support the CPU.

RAM and SSD are also good on this laptop. It comes with a 14†screen with decent colors and viewing angles.

Using Zoom is not too difficult. You can easily download it from its website for free.

The zoom app allows you to do a conference call and make it according to your interest.

It allows simple ways for students and teachers to interact and give or take lectures and record them too.

Taking examinations online is also made easier for students by zoom.

The Lenovo Flex 5 has a good battery life and comes with fast charging that gives you 80% charging in 1 hour.


  • Very good processor
  • Good touch screen response time
  • Comes with a stylus pen
  • Comes with a cool sleeve to carry the laptop


  • No Graphics card
  • The price could have been better because there is no graphics card

Frequently Asked Questions

u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eu003cstrongu003eDoes Zoom running on windows depend upon RAM?u003c/strongu003e

Zoom will run on a 4GB RAM laptop but it is almost necessary now to have at least 8GB of RAM so that system can run well and support all the apps and be able to run them.

u003cstrongu003eWhich laptop is best and under what budget should a laptop be able to run Zoom?u003c/strongu003e

Acer Swift 3 is the best laptop for using Zoom and is best for the budget too. Dell XPS 13 is the best laptop on this list and is available for ones with a budget of 1000$.


Laptops are very good now and have a lot of features than mobile phones and can assist in many ways.

They can help teachers and as well as students do their work respectively and get the most out of Zoom.

In this way, they can coordinate with each other by only staying at home.

We have provided the above list and selected some of the best laptops in each budget to satisfy your needs.

We will be happy to hear your thoughts

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