Dell Latitude E7250 VS Dell Latitude E7450 | Easy Guide

If you are looking for the best ultraportable laptop, then the Dell Latitude will be your top priority.

Dell’s latest laptops are the dell latitude e7250 vs dell latitude e7450. Both laptops have amazing features for their users.

But if you want to choose between these two laptops, then you have to compare both laptops.

Dell Latitude E7250 VS Dell Latitude E7450

Both laptops have similar main features, such as carbon fiber chassis, reliability and durability, removable batteries, and powerful processors.

These laptops offer features that are missing in other laptops, such as matte displays, track pucks, screens with flat backs, fingerprint readers, and click pads that also contain clickable buttons on them.

Dell Latitude E7250 Review

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Dell Latitude E7250 Performance

The Dell Latitude gives high performance. It can easily load web browsers and daily apps.

The solid processor is Intel i5-5300U and contains high-performance RAM, which is 8GB, and an amazing SSD card, which is 256 GB.

Dell Latitude E7250 Graphics

The Dell Latitude has a graphics card that is an Intel HD 5500 that gives HD-quality videos and web browsing. But the quality of graphics in terms of gaming is not good.

Dell Latitude E7250 Display

The Dell Latitude E7250 comes with a 12.5-inch screen with a 1920 x 1080 p display screen. Its color reproduction is subpar, with only 69 percent of the sRGB color gamut covered.

Dell Latitude E7250 Design And Aesthetics

The Dell Latitude E7250 is a lightweight laptop that comes with a magnesium alloy lid.

It is a utilitarian-type laptop. It is available with a 12.5-inch screen and 1920 x 1080p resolution.

The keyboard is also comfortable and offers a soft-touch palm rest when you open the lid.

Dell Latitude E7250 Durability And Security

The MIL test ensures the durability and security of laptops. The Dell Latitude passes the test of MIL and, according to the MIL-STD, 810G standard is why it is considered more durable and powerful.

This laptop is durable because it will not break when someone bumps into your bag. It is also portable and easy to transport to the office.

It also has a layer of Gorilla Glass on it that will protect it from cracking. Errant glasses of water or Diet Coke will not disrupt your workday because it is designed to resist spills (up to 6 ounces).

Dell Latitude E7250 Keyboard And Touchpad

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The space between the keys of the keyboard is 1.8mm, which also contains backlit.

The force required for typing is just 63 grams, so users can comfortably type on the keyboard.

Overall, the keyboard is amazing and the touchpad is well-spaced, but the only drawback is the arrow keys that are not smooth when you press them.

Dell Latitude E7250 Ports And Webcam

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The Del Latitude E7250 offers all the ports that should be available in an ideal laptop.

These ports are USB 3.0 ports, such as including power share when the laptop is sleeping, which is available on the right side of the laptop.

Other ports on the back of the laptop include a mini display port, a smart card display, an Ethernet port, and a mini display port.

Dell Latitude E7250 Battery Life

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The battery life of the Dell Latitude can last for more than 9 hours. It also contains a touchscreen that is a long-display device.

Dell Latitude E7450 Review

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The Dell Latitude E7450 is an amazing laptop that is available at a reasonable price.

The processor used in the Dell Latitude is Intel 5th generation, the RAM is 8GB, and the SSD card is 256 GB.

The touchpad is smooth as well, and the keyboard is backlit. The window installed on this laptop is Windows 10.

Dell Latitude E7450 Design

The Dell Latitude has a sleek and stylish design and is only available in black.

The chassis is durable and classy. This laptop is available in a high-quality design as it contains a magnesium chassis and a carbon fiber lid.

Dell Latitude E7450 Performance

The processor of the Dell Latitude E7450 is powered by Intel and the Core i5 generation.

It gives amazing performance due to its 9GB of RAM and 256GB SSD. It gives high speed and amazing power due to its extraordinary functionality.

The resolution is 1080 pixels, so the video will not lose quality if you open ten tabs and three MS Word documents.

Dell Latitude E7450 Battery Life

The battery was lost for more than 8 hours, which is less than the Dell Latitude e7250. So you have to compromise on its battery life.

Dell Latitude E7450 Graphics

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The graphic card is an Intel HD 5500 GPU, which is the same as the Dell Latitude E7450. So there is no difference in terms of the performance of graphics.

Durability and security of the Dell Latitude E7450

This laptop also passed the test of military standard 810. That is why the Dell Latitude E7450 is a durable laptop.

It is resistant to shocks, low temperatures, and humidity, and it has a Gorilla Glass screen that protects the laptop from damage.

Encryption and data protection services make it safe and secure. Furthermore, Microsoft BitLocker provides the facility of auditing and reporting.

You can also choose a fingerprint reader so that only a specified user will use it. To protect your laptop, you can also add computer software so that you can detect it if it is stolen.

Keyboard and touchpad for Dell Latitude E7450

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The keyboard of the Dell Latitude E7450 is responsive with a backlit that gives two brightness levels. But the keys are not really smooth and require an 80-gram weight to press the key.

The touchpad is 3.9×2.1 inches with a smooth surface and two buttons below it. The touchpad also contains a rubber pointing stick between the H and G keys.

It will run smoothly when users roll over their fingers, making it easy to scroll and pinch to zoom.

Display for Dell Latitude E7450

The display screen is 14 inches with 1920×1080 resolutions and the brightness level is 256 nits, which is higher than the ThinkPad T450s.

The display of the Dell Latitude E7450 covers more than 91% of the sRGB spectrum. This is higher than the T450, whose score is just 77%.

Ports and webcam on the Dell Latitude E7450

The Dell Latitude E7450 features a lot of ports, such as an SD card reader port on the left side, USB 3.0 and a headset jack on the right side, a display port and Ethernet port, and USB 3.0 on the backside.


Both laptops have amazing features that can help you make a decision on choosing the best laptop.

There are some drawbacks to the Dell Latitude E7250, but the Dell Latitude E7450 is amazing. Furthermore, it offers strong hardware, a bigger screen, and a better gaming environment for gamers.

So the Dell Latitude E 7450 is a fantastic upgrade for your laptops.

If you are looking for an affordable laptop, then the Dell Latitude E7250 can meet your requirements.

It is important to choose a laptop according to your requirements and make a one-time investment.

Decide on the option that is ideal for you and your future requirements, since everyone deserves the best, and you are no exception!

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