What Are Two Resources That May Be Useful In Disassembling A Laptop Computer? Easy Guide 2023

If you’re going to take apart your laptop, you’ll need the right tools and some knowledge.

In this article, We guide you about What Are Two Resources That May Be Useful In Disassembling A Laptop Computer with easy steps!

The first tool to think about is a screwdriver with several different bits.

Sometimes this tool may be packaged with the computer’s box, but failing that (or if it’s not included at all), you should be able to quickly find one in a hardware store.

The other thing you’ll need is some specialized knowledge about how laptops are put together for the best results.


What are two resources that may be useful in disassembling a laptop computer?

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  • The resources that can teach you this information are user manuals and service manuals.
  • The user manuals will be found in the box with your laptop, or they can be found online at the manufacturer’s website.

Service manuals can be purchased right from the manufacturer as well as in retail stores around the Internet.

You may need to search a bit to find exactly what you’re looking for, but it’s worth it to have good reference material when taking apart your laptop.

For example, if you’re trying to disassemble your laptop but aren’t sure where a screwdriver is needed, search through your user manual until you find “screwdriver” written anywhere on a page.

It’s likely that the page will have a picture of the screwdriver with an arrow pointing at it and even instructions on how you’re supposed to use it.

See if you can substitute the screwdriver in place of your own tools and get an image of what’s happening as you attempt to disassemble and reassemble the laptop.

If you’re going to take apart a laptop, there are some things you’ll need to know!

First and foremost, all laptops have a motherboard inside that contains everything vital for your laptop’s operation: BIOS (Basic Input/Output System).

Second, all laptops have RAM (Random Access Memory) and third, all laptops have a battery that’s connected to the motherboard.

How to disassemble a laptop step by step?

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Step 1

If you have anything attached to your laptop, remove it. It may be any cord, charging cable, or speakers. 

Step 2

Shut down your laptop, and you should make sure that the laptop is not connected to any power source externally.

Step 3

Now take a screwdriver and remove all the screws from your laptop.

Just make sure that your screen remains attached. Now keep all the screws safe to use them later. 

Step 4

After taking off the back cover, remove the easily accessed components like the storage drive or RAM.

But, make sure you don’t damage them while removing them. These two are easiest to remove. 

Step 5

Now again, flip over your laptop to see the keyboard. There will be some screws below the keyboard.

Now, undo them and make sure to remove any attached cables or clips before removing the screws. 

Step 6 

After you remove the keyboard, you will see the motherboard naked.

Gently remove any screws and attach them to the backflip.

Some of them will be of the motherboard, while others will be holding down the fan or cooler to backflip. Clean the fan and other hardware.

Remove all the cables or anything attached to the motherboard starting from the opposite side of the USB ports. 

Step 7

There it is, you have disassembled your laptop. You can also remove the cooler from the CPU or CPU by removing its holding pins. 

Step 8

To assemble your laptop again, you can follow the above guideline in reverse order.  

Final Words

I hope this guide helps you what are two resources that may be useful in disassembling a laptop computer in an easy way and how to safely take apart a laptop! By disassembling you can fix a lot of issues including battery issues, cleaning, and charging port issues.

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