Why Does My Frame Rate Drop When I Unplug My Laptop? | Easy Guide 2023

If you are a video game player, then you may be familiar with the importance of frames per second.

The frame rate is responsible for making the videos smooth. But sometimes, gamers face the problem of low frame rates.

Why does my frame rate drop when I unplug my laptop is a frequently asked question?

They want to know the reason. This article will give you reasons as well as how you can troubleshoot this problem. I will try to help you in solving your problems as quickly as possible.

Why does FPS drop when I unplug my laptop?

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There are two most common causes of this problem.

You may set your power planer to save the battery.

If you turn on this setting, then it can affect the performance of the laptop. Your laptop may perform slowly to extend the battery life.

You may turn on power saving for your graphic card. This option can also slow down the performance of your graphic card.

It runs the FPS at 30. The result is that it will drop the FPS and give you a choppy gaming experience.

One of the main causes of fps drops is may due to the touch screen display of your laptop. So if there is any issue with the digitizer, it results in fluctuating fps. So check the digitizer if you are using a touchscreen laptop.

Sudden fps drop in games laptop

You can easily fix the problem of dropping FPS on your laptop. Here are some ways to fix the drop in FPS.

Power Management Settings 

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Some laptops have settings that automatically switch to “battery saving” when you unplug the laptop.

To avoid this problem, turn on the “high performance” setting. Here is how you can turn on “high performance” settings.

  • Click on the icon of the battery located at the bottom of the screen.
  • A setting menu will appear. Click on “high-performance setting”.

Disabling whisper mode

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Whisper mode can easily drop the FPS of your laptop. So you need to disable this option and customize the FPS.

These are two different settings, and both options help you increase the fan speed.

If you increase the fan speed, then it will give a higher FPS. When you disable the option “whisper mode”, then you will see an increase in FPS.

But this option is available only for NVidia GPUs. The value of the GPU is more than 1060.

If you disable this option, it can result in heating the laptop. You will not hear any noise from the CPU after disabling this option.

If you want to disable the whisper mode, then follow the following steps.

  • Open the setting option.
  • Locate whisper mode and disable it.

Update the GPU driver and the BIOS

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If you face the problem, why does my frame rate drop when I unplug my laptop?

Then you need to update the BIOS and GPU driver. You can easily update the GPU driver.

For this purpose, you have to use a third party such as Radeon or GeForce.

  • Open the drive manager.
  • Locate the system firmware option.
  • Select “update driver issues.”

You will see an increase in FPS when you update the BIOS and GPU drivers.

Use AC

If you use the AC option, then it will increase the FPS. If you have an AC connection, then it will improve the FPS.

If all of the above tips fail, then you can manually change the FPS rate. To manually change the FPS rate, follow the following steps.

  • Go to the settings.
  • Select display settings
  • Change it to the default settings.

Also if you are charging your laptop in the car due to high voltage in the car you may experience high FPS and drop when you unplug it. so check your laptop at different sources.

If the problem persists, you must consult an expert to increase the FPS rate.

Wrapping up:

If FPS drops when you unplug the laptop, then it is frustrating. It is even more frustrating when FPS drops when you plug in the laptop.

These are simple steps to resolve this issue. You need to carefully follow the steps to increase the FPS rate.

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