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Are you thinking about How Long To Charge A Laptop Battery? So that you don’t ruin your valuable laptop by overcharging.

Many factors affect the charging time of a laptop, like the number of battery cells, which percentage of battery, you plugged in for charging, did it turn off by being completely drained off? is your battery old. etc.

Once you completely drain your battery, it might take 2-2.5 hours to charge completely. 

What if you leave your laptop on charge all the time? 

A laptop is fully dangling on its battery. It’s pointless to have a laptop with no battery life.

Laptops are mostly preferred because of being portable. Laptop batteries commonly last from 3-4 years.

The least affected by recharging or discharging is the battery which uses lithium-ion in them. 

The safe charging feature allows your laptop to auto-disconnect when fully charged.

So keeping this kind of laptop plugged in for a long period is not affecting your battery life in any way but it is always better to disconnect after fully charging. 

Effective ways to save your battery from damage:–dyhUQ

How long to charge a laptop battery for the first time?

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Deep cycle:  

Run a “deep cycle” regularly. Charge your laptop completely, unplug the charger and leave the laptop in hibernation for 4-5 hours. Now charge it completely again.  


Another thing that you might need to worry about is the temperature and heat.

The heat generated in the laptop, by being plugged in, may impact your computer’s battery’s lifespan.

Maybe you are running multiple programs simultaneously or while playing the game. This puts strain on the laptop as it is working to its capacity.

If your laptop starts heating up while charging, disconnect it and let it cool first. This way you can avoid battery damage from heat.  

Shutting down your laptop? 

You might be wondering “how does shutting down a laptop might help its battery lifespan?” 

It is really important to shut down your computer while not in use. For example; it will:

  • Improve the performance of your laptop 
  • Be rebooted when shutting down
  • Prevent the components of your laptop from getting damaged
  • Save electricity 
  • You will be able to stop the noise of notifications and fans.  

Why is it important to properly shutdown your computer?

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Proper shutting down is important for any laptop. So, properly shut down your computer. To shut down; 

  • Click on the windows key
  • Select power option
  • Hit on shutdown

But if you long-press the power button or pull the power cable, etc., you would end up damaging the components of the laptop. 

Your laptop usage will tell you whether you should shut it down or not.

If you frequently use your laptop then it is a good option to keep it on during the night and if you don’t use it continually, then you need to shut it down during the night.

Frequent turning on and off will damage your laptop and shorten its battery life. 

How long does it take to charge a laptop battery?

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Using your laptop while it’s on charging will delay the completion of charging. Battery health is also a significant factor that determines the time taken to fully charge a laptop.

The number of cells in your laptop’s battery affects the duration of charging.

The type or quality of your adapter affects the time consumed in charging to capacity, so try to get a heavy-duty adapter. In the case of a laptop with a 45-volt output, you will notice a difference in power when using an adapter offering only 40 volts. Similarly, you’ll notice a difference in time while changing your laptop via a power bank or in a vehicle.

If there is any issue with the charging circuit or the laptop drivers, it will extend the charging period.

Just bought a new laptop? Charge it to full capacity before using it. It is always wise to keep charging not lower than 70%.

Charging it on time will take comparatively lesser time to charge completely. Turning off the laptop before plugging in can help in faster charging.

Using a laptop while charging will take it longer to charge. You should remove the batteries before storing any laptop or at least keep it charged more than 60%. 

How to check if the laptop battery is fully charged?

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You can check the status of your battery by clicking on the battery icon at the bottom of your screen.

Alternatively, you can notice some kind of light next to the power port. The light will change its color once the laptop is fully charged. 

People say it’s advantageous to charge your laptops only up to 80%-85% and charge them only after draining them completely.

But that is not necessarily true in all cases. Gadgets like laptops and mobiles have an inbuilt mechanism to notify you about battery drainage.

You must have noticed these gadgets show fully charged only at 100%. If charging to full was harmful, the manuals would contain relevant instructions.

You don’t have to worry about over-charging but be careful while charging in summer as your laptop may get heated quickly. 

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