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Hard drives have recently been replaced with their much better competitor with SSD, So find out how much is a hard drive for a hp laptop.

You can get a hp laptop hard drive for 20$ with 500Gb storage and for 40$-60$ with 2TB of storage.

If you want to get more storage space the price gets higher and higher. But the question here is;

Do you want to upgrade your laptop’s hard drive, or are you looking to replace it?

This question can mean that you are looking for a laptop hard drive upgrade but don’t know the current market prices.

Answering the above question will solve the problem of determining the right hard drive for your laptop.

This article will clarify how much is a hard drive for a Hp laptop and give you the answer you desperately need.

The price of a laptop hard drive depends upon the following factors

  1. Do you have an old laptop or a new laptop?
  2. What type of laptop do you have?
  3. Are you looking to upgrade the current hard drive or replace the damaged one?

Do you have an old laptop or a new laptop?

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It is an important question because old laptops cannot be upgraded anymore and their accessories cannot be found in any store.

Because companies have stopped making hard drives for old laptops, and the new ones mostly come with SSD storage devices.

For a new laptop, you can easily find hard drives if the laptop supports a hard drive and have the capacity to install a new one.

What type of laptop do you have?

This question relates to those laptops which are thin and portable, and in contrast, there are also big and bulky workstation laptops.

Thin and portable laptops are notebook laptops that mostly don’t support a hard drive but rather only come with SSD storage.

Hence can only be replaced with an SSD storage device.

With heavy workstation laptops, hard drives are a must because they need to store more data and can be damaged.

So, hard drives for those laptops can be found easily on the market.

How much does to replace a hard drive on a hp laptop

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So, this question mostly asks if you have a damaged hard drive or want to upgrade the current one with more storage.

You can replace a damaged hard drive with a new one with the same storage space, but if you want to upgrade the current one, you will be looking for more storage space. For changing the Storage drive you would need some equipment used for disassembling a laptop.

In this way, you can determine what type of hard drive you require and which suits you the best.

Now that we have determined what type of hard drive you will be buying for your hp laptop, the last thing we want to know is;

How Much Is A Hard Drive For A Hp Laptop?

Hard drives can cost between 20$ and 100$ depending on the storage space and quality of the hard drive you are buying.

Hard drives prices:

  • 500GB Toshiba Hard drive = 21.10$
  • Seagate 1TB hard drive = 44.88$
  • Western Digital 1TB hard drive = 44.99$
  • Seagate Barracuda 2TB hard drive = 46.99$

These are some of the best hard drives available for your hp laptop. The further you go with storage space, the more price you pay.

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