How To Burn DVD On Toshiba Laptop? | Easy Guide 2023

Some of the Toshiba laptops come with a pre-installed Toshiba Disc Creator, a software that allows the creation of audio and data CDs as well as disc backup.

Even though modern Windows operating systems have a wizard incorporated in themselves which is used to burn data on DVDs.

In contrast, the one that comes pre-installed in Toshiba laptops is more versatile than that of Windows.

It is also able to preserve a CD or DVD as a disc image. If you are in need of data that is somewhere else, you can definitely use Disc Creator to burn a DVD that you may carry along with you anywhere.

So Here, we are going to help you in steps on how to burn DVDs on Toshiba laptops. So, let’s begin.

How To Burn DVD On Toshiba Laptop?

  1. Click on the Start menu, there in All Programs Go to Toshiba and then in CD & DVD Applications. Finally, click on Disc Creator.
  2. This will open the Toshiba Disc Creator for you. (Start>All Programs >Toshiba >CD & DVD Applications >Disc Creator)
  3. Now, you will have to insert a blank DVD into your disc drive and then you can click on “Data CD/DVD”.
  4. From the pane on the left side, You will select the source drive or folder.
  5. To add files to the DVD, you will drag and drop each file one by one to the pane on the right side.
  6. From a drop-down menu on the far right, you will then select the DVD drive size.
  7. For determination of the storage left, your reference would be the storage bar on the side of the window.
  8. Now, type a name for your DVD then go to Record to Disc. Click on Yes when a prompt shows up to start writing your files on the DVD.
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