How To Clean Laptop Bags? [A Perfect Guide Of 2023]

If you want to get the answer to how to clean the laptop bag, then this article is for you.

Your laptop bag may get dirty, and you need to clean it properly. But you are wondering how to clean it. Then these simple steps will help you clean your laptop.

In this guide, We explain How To Clean Laptop Bags without destroying the laptop’s backpack with easy steps!

Cleaning the bag not only makes your bag look new but also increases the life of your laptop. A dirty laptop Bag may cause several issues to your laptop causing poor performance such as dust in the laptop fan or a dirty screen which may lead to staining.

How To Clean Laptop Bags at home?

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Take the bag and empty it

First of all, empty your bag and take out everything that is in it. Empty all the zips and pockets in your bag.

Parts that can be separated, such as inner pockets and straps, should be separated.

Turn your bag over and shake it vigorously to get the dirt out.

Another way to remove the dirt is to use a vacuum cleaner. If there are threads coming out of the bag, then cut them or pull them with your hand.

Wash Particularly Dirty Areas

Spot out the dirty spots and stains on the bag. There are some stubborn stains that can not be seen when you wash the entire bag.

Use hot water on stains and pour some surf or detergent in. Use a brush or sponge to clean it.

Keep in mind that too much water can destroy your bag, and if you scrub too hard, your bag will be spoiled.

If your bag is made of leather or polyester, then applying too much force can peel the material off too.

Rinse the entire bag

Fill a tub with hot water. The water should be enough to dip into the bag. Pour some detergent into the bag and mix it.

Keep the bag in the water and detergent for a while. Use a brush or sponge to scrub the bag.

If there are areas that are hard to reach, then use a toothbrush to wash them.

You can also use a toothbrush on zips and embroidered areas. Gently scrub it to take the dirt out.

Rinse and wash

Drain the water from the tub and drain all the water, detergent, and sediment out of the tub.

Add some water to the tub and rinse the bag. Squeeze it to rinse the water. Again, do this step.

This is an important step because if there is some detergent in your bag, it can spoil your bag, so rinse it 3-4 times.

Press the bag to take the water out, but don’t press it too hard.

Allow the bag to dry.

Open all the zips and take the bag out. Turn your bag upside down.

Choose an area where there is direct sunlight. Sunlight will not only dry your bag but also remove germs and bad smells. 

Method number 2:

How to clean laptop backpack?

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1. Machine Wash

If you think that hand washing is very time-consuming, then you can clean your laptop bag in the washing machine.

Check the label and cleaning instructions on your bag.

Now you can clean your bag in the washing machine. If your bag is made up of polyester, nylon, or cloth, then it is washable in the machine.

Here are some steps to wash the bag in the machine.

2. Put the bag into the laundry net.

Put buckles, pockets, and straps in the laundry net. Because it will protect the machine from scratches and buckles, it will not get stuck in the machine.

The shape of the laptop will not be deformed and remain the same. Keep in mind, don’t use any bleach, only use detergent to wash the bag.

3. Machine Settings

Set the setting of the machine to only wash and rinse. If you dry the bag, the shape will be deformed. You can choose the number of cycles on your own.

4. Wash and dry the laptop bag

Take the bag out of the machine and press it with your hand. Put it in the sunlight to dry the bag.

Final Words

Now you know how to clean a laptop bag. Always be careful to wash the bag, otherwise, your bag will be destroyed.

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