How to Clean Laptop Fan Without Opening – Ultimate Solution 2022

You might be wondering How to Clean Laptop Fan Without Opening it? A well-functioning fan is essential for cooling your PC and running smoothly. Although, some users are reluctant to clean the fan because it requires them to open the laptop. In the post, you’ll see how to clean a laptop fan without opening it. 

The laptop is a vital part of our lives. Further, no doubt that the performance of your laptop is an integral part of its success. Although, as the computer ages, the fan tends to get dirty. And, if the fan is not clean, it can overheat the PC.

So, to get rid of the problem, clean the laptop fan regularly.

You can follow the guide below if you do not know how to clean it.

How to Clean Laptop Fan Without Opening – Remove Dust from the Fan 

Moreover, the most common problems in laptops are overheating and noise. If the laptop fans get clogged, it will affect the device’s performance. First, you’ll need to reduce the dust from the fan.

Clean the Fan with Canned Air 

When your laptop fan makes a loud noise and doesn’t want to open the laptop, you need to clean the fan. However, cleaning a fan with canned air is the most suitable way. More so, with the help of canned air, you’ll be able to clean the fan.

Step 1: Turn off your laptop

Step 2: Unplug the power cord

Step 3: Detach the battery

Step 4: Blow canned air in the fan

Step 5: Close the lid of the laptop and let it cool down

Clean the Fan with Alcohol

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If you’ve ever opened your laptop and seen a nasty mess, you can clean it yourself. You can clean the laptop fan with alcohol. Further, you don’t know about it. Don’t worry. Follow some steps.

Step 1:  take out the fan from the laptop.

Step 2:  Use alcohol to clean the fan.

Step 3:  Reattach the fan.

Clean the Fan with Compressed Air

You can also use compressed air to remove debris and dust from the laptop’s fan. Make sure you don’t fill the cane with water.

When cleaning your gadget, there’s no better way than using compressed air. Besides this, before start working, make sure ensure you should have the right pieces of equipment. 

You must have a toothbrush, compressed air, and a vacuum cleaner.

Clean the Fan with a Vacuum Cleaner

First, you’ll need to clean and remove dust with a vacuum cleaner. Next, vacuum the entire laptop area and remove any dust you find.

Step 1: Turn off the laptop and switch it from the energy outlet.

Step 2: pull out the laptop’s dust cap from the bottom.

Step 3: Use a vacuum cleaner to absorb the ashes. 

Step 4: Dust should be put on the underside of the device.

Clean the Fan with a Cotton Swab

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In addition, it is effortless to clean the fan using a cotton swab. It takes 5 minutes to finish the process. Use a cotton swab to reduce dust from the fan. It’s easier than using a cloth and won’t damage the fan.

Clean the Laptop Fan with a Toothbrush without Opening

Take a toothbrush and use it to clean the fan. You can use a regular toothbrush or even a cleaning brush.

How to Clean Laptop Fan Without Opening – Use Water and Soap

Further, If you don’t want to open your laptop, use water and soap to clean the fan. First, take some water into a bowl. Then, put some dish soap into it. Next, dip a cotton swab into the soap water and wipe the laptop fan.

Use a Microfiber Cloth

If you don’t want to open your laptop, use a microfiber cloth to clean the fan. More so, take a microfiber cloth and rub the fan to clean it.

Final Verdict!

All in all, the post has got you covered if you’re looking for an easy way to clean your laptop fan. You don’t need fancy products, just a few household items, including a toothbrush and a plastic bag. The all process is awesome to clean the fan of the laptop.

All you have to do is use the toothbrush to push the dust out of the fan and place it back into the laptop. After that, close the lid and leave it alone for a few days. When you open the computer you’ll feel excited to see that it’s clean


1. How to clean a laptop fan without opening it?

You will need a small cloth and rubbing alcohol to clean a laptop fan.

 2. How long will the fan last?

The fan should last about three months if it’s cleaned once every two weeks.

3. How we can remove the smell from your laptop?

To get rid of the smell from your laptop, you should open the laptop and then close it. Then, you should use a bit of rubbing alcohol on the cotton piece and swab the inside of the device.

4. How do I clean the fan with compressed air?

Many people use compressed air to remove debris and dust from the laptop’s fan. Make sure you don’t fill the cane with water.

5. Can a hair dryer be used to clean the laptop fan??

Yes, hold the hair dryer close to the fan, and blow warm air into it.

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