How To Connect SNES Classic To Laptop? Best guide 2023

There is no lie in saying that retro and vintage games are absolute gems.

No matter how far the modern gaming industry has paved its way, its roots of it always bring nostalgia to every gamer.

Be it games like old punch-out boxes, The Amazing World of Zelda, or Super Mario, the games are not mere games, but an emotion.

Now that Nintendo has come up with Classic money, it has made playing these games on your TV quite convenient and easy.

But What if, you could play it on your laptop? If you wish to do so, follow along with us on How to connect SNES classic to Laptop.

How to connect SNES classic to Laptop?

How to connect SNES classic to a Laptop with an HDMI port?

To connect the SNES or NES classic to your laptop, the only possible way is through an “HDMI In” port.

Sadly, 99% of laptops existing today do not have one. They only come with an “HDMI out” port.

Nowadays, the HDMI in port is only available in very high-end machines that are too costly.

The sole laptop series to have an HDMI in port is Alien ware. So, If you have one, you can just connect and play on it quite easily.

How to play retro games on your laptop?

The thirst to play these gems of games can be tackled by a simple method.

All you need to do is to do it through an emulator. Let’s go through the steps below to get that nostalgic experience again

  1. Download an emulator by searching on Google. Or you can go to the  Windows Store to download the SNES emulator from there.
  2. Now you will have to download ROMS from any authentic website on the internet. To know more about ROMS, you can go and read statements on Nintendo’s official website.
  3. Now that you have done both steps properly, you can easily access the SNES library. The same goes for any other gaming technology that existed from the 1980s to the 1990s.

Final Words

We hope this guide helps you how to connect SNES classic to Laptop through an HDMI port and play your games.

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