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Nowadays, every laptop contains the data of various important details of your personal life. These days, most people store their personal information on laptops, but unfortunately, the privacy of this data isn’t safe.

How to factory reset a laptop without turning it on? Most laptops and computers contain sensitive information such as personal identity, bank account details, credit card numbers, etc. Therefore, there are chances that your data could be stolen or used by some malicious person to take advantage of you.

Here, you can get the right solution to get a laptop back to factory settings without the need to reboot it. There are some ways to reboot a laptop, but these methods may harm the hard disk, and you may lose all the data.

What is Reset Factory Mode (RFM)?

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RFM is a special mode that will allow you to reset your system without hassle. Of course, you can’t turn on the system, but you will be able to restore the default settings when you reset it.

You can reboot Factory Mode through an external USB device. However, a laptop without a power source will not be able to use this tool.

If a battery powers the laptop, you can’t use this method. You can buy a new USB cable or install a power adapter.


Before using this method, make sure that you must have the following requirements. 

  • You should use the latest version of Windows.
  • You have a working internet connection.
  • You should charge the laptop’s battery by at least 50%.

7 Simple and Effective Ways – How to Factory Reset a Laptop without Turning it on

Factory rebooting your laptop or desktop is quite a tough job. There will be several reasons for it. So, don’t worry about that, because here I am going to share seven tips that will help you factory renew your device without turning it on.

Factory Resetting

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A factory reboot means you will have to renew all your device settings. There are some situations when your laptop or desktop settings get changed, and it is impossible to make them right.

For example, some software or driver gets installed on your system and won’t allow you to remove it. When you do that, you need to set your device to factory default. The same thing applies to a laptop, but the problem is that you can’t access your data through any of the programs.

So, if you face such problems, then it is recommended that you factory reboot your computer.

1. Boot from CD

You can factory renew your laptop or desktop using an external bootable CD. First, you need to download an ISO file from the internet and burn it to the CD. After that, boot from the CD, and you will have to select the option of Factory Reboot. If you are facing some issues with your laptop’s keyboard or display you can connect your laptop to another display using an HDMI cable.

2. Remove Your Hard Drive

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Moreover, the easiest way to factory renew your laptop or desktop is to remove the hard drive from the computer.

3. Reset BIOS

The easiest way to factory reboot your laptop or desktop is to reboot the BIOS. If you are experiencing problems with your laptop or desktop, you should renew the BIOS.

4. Install a Clean Copy of the OS

The next way is to install a clean copy of Windows OS. It will make your computer work as if it was the first time you used it.

5. Format Your Hard Drive

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In addition, there will be a couple of questions in front of you: Do you want to remove any programs or files from the hard drive before starting the reset process? If you want to save your data, then it is not a good idea to format the hard drive.

You need to create a backup of your important files before formatting them. If you wanted to use a 1TB hard drive you can split it into 2 of 500GB. One for work and the other for backup.

6. Disable or Delete the Operating System

There will be some programs that will run along with the operating system. So, to make sure that it doesn’t run while factory rebooting, you have to disable the operating system.

7. Clear Cache

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A cache is a collection of information saved in your computer’s RAM, which stores recent information accessed on the system. So, it is also good to clear the cache for a successful factory reboot.

Final Words

In short, To factory reset a laptop, first turn off your laptop by pressing the power button. Then, press and hold the F8 key while powering on the laptop. It will bring up the BIOS setup screen. Now, use the arrow keys to navigate to the Reset option and press the Enter key. It will reboot the laptop.


1. What is factory resetting a laptop?

Factory resetting a laptop means that you are restoring the computer to its original factory settings. Usually, a computer won’t work correctly due to this issue.

2. How can I factory reboot a laptop?

You will need to take the battery out of the computer, remove the memory card, and finally remove the hard drive.

3. What will happen if I factory reboot a laptop?

You can reboot your device to its original state by factory renewing it.

4. Can I factory renew my device without turning it on?

Yes, you can factory renew a device without turning it on.

5. What will happen if I factory reboot my gadget without turning it on?

Factory resetting your gadget without turning it on will not damage your computer.

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