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Laptop computers have become a necessity for many people.

The convenience of always taking your laptop anywhere is pretty amazing when you think about it.

This article will show you how to fix a dell laptop that keeps restarting itself and restarting over and over again.

However, these laptops can sometimes be a pain in the rear, especially this particular Dell model.

Hard drives (also called HDs, or hard disks) are the most important part of your computer.

They store the files that you use when you’re trying to open programs, write new documents, or work on a spreadsheet.

The hard drive is always spinning and measuring data from start to finish.

It’s kind of like an engine that gets its energy from the power supply.

The power supply is plugged into the wall, and the energy comes out of it; in this case, everything comes from the drive motor.

Dell laptops’ problem with their hard drives is that they go into low-power mode too soon!

This can cause a system to restart or lock up often.

If the laptop is going into sleep mode too early, the components inside of it aren’t shutting down properly, and when the hard drive spins up, it will lock up.

You can also face the same problem when you move your laptop which is mainly due to a loose battery.

This is what causes the computer to restart over and over again.

How to fix a dell laptop that keeps restarting itself?

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Solution 1

Check for Defective Parts

If your hard drive is spinning at full speed, you can remove your laptop battery and plug in your laptop to an outlet like you normally would.

If this works, there could be an issue with one of your other electrical parts inside your Dell laptop.

Once you verify that this has solved the problem, you’ll want to order a new battery or purchase a new power supply. Even if the battery is new, it can still be defective.

Solution 2

Quick Fix Method 1

Laptopswiki - dell laptop keeps restarting at boot

If that does not work, you will want to open up your Dell again and ensure no hardware damage to your internal computer parts.

There could be damage if the internal components are improperly installed.

This will not allow the laptop’s hard drive to spin properly and normally start when switched on after hard drive failures.

You need to contact customer support or visit the store yourself to fix the laptop.

Quick Fix Method 2

If none of the above works, you can try to fix the issue with your hard drive by following these steps:

Take out your laptop’s battery and plug in your laptop. You should see the hard drive spin up instantly after plugging it in.

If you see a spinning hard drive when you plug in the Dell laptop, there is probably a hardware problem inside of it, and you’ll want to open up your Dell laptop again.

However, if a full battery does not fix this problem correctly, more than one problem needs to be addressed.

The next step will be to upgrade your BIOS. This will allow the laptop’s hard drive to spin correctly when you start it up without the battery in place.

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