How to Keep Gaming Laptop Cool – Best Tips 2023

Gaming laptops are a serious investment, and overheating can be a problem. If you’re playing a long or intense game session, we’ll show you How to Keep Gaming Laptop Cool.

These laptops are small, portable computers that pack a desktop’s worth of computing power into a slim, easy-to-handle frame. Unfortunately, they are also hot and not suited to prolonged gaming. Even regular laptops get very hot!

Therefore, when you reach a limit, you have to move to a higher-spec machine. If you haven’t already, think about upgrading your system.

While playing video games, keep your laptop cool. You can take a number of actions to make sure your laptop’s cooling system is operating properly. If you add the right items to your “cooling system,” you may even be able to give your system an additional nudge.

Tips for How to Keep Gaming Laptop Cool:

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1. Keep your Laptop in the Proper Placement

The first step is correctly positioning your laptop, so its fans aren’t blocked when it’s under heavy load. For instance, if your laptop is on your lap, your body heat may be blocking one or more of the fan intakes, causing the cooling system to fail.

On the other hand, a laptop’s rubber feet elevate it slightly when it is placed on a hard surface so that its fans can draw in enough air. Alternatively, you can keep the laptop on your lap while ensuring that you don’t block the fan intake if there isn’t a solid surface to place it on. Furthermore, if you need help elevating something from the ground, you can use a book or box as a stand.

2. Cleaning your laptop on Regular

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A dust particle can get lodged deep within a laptop’s insides, making it virtually impossible to remove. This is why maintaining a clean laptop is so crucial.

Cleaning a laptop is quite simple. You can do this by following these steps:

  • Get a can of compressed air.
  • Before use, the laptop needs to be powered off and cooled down.
  • Please open it and start cleaning the hard drive.

You can expose the intake grilles on the bottom of your computer by turning it on its side. You can spray it with the can if you place it nearby. Furthermore, they confirm that They must be righteous. Otherwise, the liquid air will escape and damage your computer.

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3. Provide Additional Cooling

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Another way to cool off your laptop is to use a laptop cooler. Did you know that cooling pads are also available, which are smaller and more portable than laptop coolers?

A cooling pad is not only an inexpensive accessory. Still, it is quite beneficial in helping to reduce overheating issues for gamers and laptop users.

Cooling pads operate easily; just set them on a surface, set your laptop on top of them, and connect them to the USB port on your laptop, and the fans will do their job.

Finally, the greater airflow will result in a lower temperature over longer gaming sessions.

4. The Cast of the Laptop

Your laptop’s case significantly affects how well it will overheat or not.

The spaced-out systems are excellent because they keep the laptop and user cool. It keeps the laptop from overheating when you’re using it.

5. Fan

Fans are an essential part of laptops’ ventilation and airflow. Fans play a significant role in the temperature of your laptop.

The effectiveness of the stadium’s fans is greatly influenced by their size, speed, pressure, etc. More giant fans will provide more air displacement. 

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Further, better cooling is achieved by using faster fans, which circulate air more quickly. Laptops with slower fans usually need to be placed in a ventilated area with less restricted airflow. These fans are designed to create a gentle breeze inside the case.

Another crucial factor is the airflow direction. The direction of the airflow should be from front to back and from top to bottom. This should be taken into consideration while positioning the computer’s fans. This alignment enables the heat generated by the laptop to be removed from all directions.

6. Keep away from Laptop From Sunlight

The laptop can be exposed to sunlight without any trouble, so long as it is not in direct sunlight. It would help if you kept it out of the sun when it’s in use and not near a heat source. The plastic components within the laptop may warp due to excessive heat.

Using your gaming laptop in the sun is terrible for it, as the computer’s internal components are affected by the heat from direct sunlight. In the long run, it could lead to decreased longevity and performance of the different components inside the gaming laptop. If at all possible, keep your laptop out of warm places like cars or rooms.

7. Keep Focus on the Fan of the Laptop

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People who love laptops should take an interest in the fans that run the laptop. It may be effortless for them to overlook it. Still, when fans stop working, it can mean the laptop isn’t cooling correctly, resulting in a severe temperature increase.

If you notice no noise coming from your laptop while it is in use, it could mean that your fans are damaged. Without working fans, your laptop will quickly reach hazardous temperatures. Therefore, it is essential to make a plan before visiting an online pharmacy. If your project does not include the medication you are taking, you will risk getting the wrong kind of medication.

8. Monitor the Temperature by Using Software

Many types of software help you monitor the temperature of the other parts of your system. Using these, you can keep a close eye on how they operate.

Consider that you spend a lot of time online playing games.

In that case, you may want to monitor the internal temperature of your computer, as it can impact your PC’s performance. There are also gaming laptops with external cooling fans that let you watch their speed and internal temperature.

9. Hardware Capacity

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Consider your hardware. If your hardware is older or outdated, an OS upgrade could help improve overall performance. If your hardware is old, it will work harder to complete basic tasks, which will increase its internal temperature. Additionally, more batteries will be required to keep the CPU and GPU running. Purchasing a new gaming laptop is the only option in this situation.

10. Don’t Overload Your Laptop

Finally, reduce the number of programs running on your laptop to prevent it from overheating. Too many running programs put a load on the processor and will cause it to overheat. Having fewer open tabs helps the battery last longer, and the computer stays cooler.


Gaming laptops or computers are prone to overheating. By keeping an eye on the temperature of your gaming laptop or computer and taking action when it gets too hot, you’ll have a much longer-lasting laptop. Therefore, if your laptop has a fan, the best way to prevent it from overheating is to keep it open while working to allow the fan to circulate air around the machine. If you don’t have a fan on your laptop, buying an external laptop cooling pad is best.

Furthermore, a gaming laptop with no cooling software will be unable to keep the CPU cool while playing at high-performance levels. Adding an extra radiator is also quite helpful. Fans are the primary operators of air circulation within the laptop system. The efficiency of the fans depends upon their size, velocity, alignment, etc. It is essential to take preventive measures to keep the gaming computer or laptop clean and prevent dust accumulation.

Finally, the best way to avoid overheating in the system is to keep the device dust free. These tips are designed to help prevent dust from accumulating and causing the system to overheat. Hopefully, using these tips will significantly reduce the overheating of your gaming laptop. If your gaming laptop overheats even after following these tips, it’s time to get it checked by a professional. These tips will help to stop overheating.

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