How To Reset A School Laptop To Factory Settings? | Easy Guide 2023

This guide will help you how to reset a school laptop to factory settings.

If you need to factory reset your Windows 10 Laptop, there are some different options on how you can do it.

If you’re looking for a system image that backs up everything on the laptop prior to performing the factory reset, use Windows 10’s “Refresh Your PC” feature.

You can also clear your computer’s local storage or remove the hard drive or just delete individual files or programs.

If you don’t have a backup image, you can still perform a full factory reset.

This will clear all your applications and data from your laptop.

How To Factory Reset Laptop?

Step 1

Go to settings, under the update and security tab, and go to “Recovery”. Here you will see the option of “Reset this PC”, click on it.

Laptop Wiki - How To Reset A School Laptop To Factory Settings

Step 2

Next, a pop-up will appear to choose between, ‘keeping system files or deleting everything.

Here you need to select your desired option, ‘Remove Everything’ is the best option here.

This will clean up your pc to factory settings and give you a clean Windows.

Laptop Wiki - keeping system files or deleting everything

Step 3

Choose one option, either keep my files or remove everything, In the ad, you will be prompted to the next screen.

Here you can select what type of reset you want to perform, either just a data clean-up or also want to perform “new window Installation”.

A new window installation is recommended so that you can have a refreshed windows version.

This will install Windows from the current laptop and no new windows will be needed.

This prompts us to the next window.

Laptop Wiki - reset button

Other Option: How To Reset A School Laptop To Factory Settings?

Go to Settings > Update & security > Recovery, and choose “Get started” under “Refresh your PC without affecting your files.”

After clicking on the button, follow the instructions until the refresh is complete.

If you choose to keep personal files, Windows 10 should prompt you for more details about which files it should delete and which it should keep.

If you wish to restore your laptop to its previous state, you can easily restore your computer from a backup or use Recovery Mode if you made one prior to performing the factory reset.

If you don’t have a recovery image, then reimage using System Image Recovery instead of using Refresh Your PC.

Moreover, you can reset your PC through the Bios menu. Simply restart the laptop and press F10 and you will enter BIOS settings.

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