How to Run Dual Monitors with One HDMI Port-Ultimate Solution 2023!

If you are worried about how to run dual monitors with one HDMI port, then you are at the right place. This article will show you how to use a single HDMI port to connect two laptops or PC monitors. Knowing how to handle these circumstances is essential because it can be difficult to maintain productivity when you’re feeling overwhelmed.

In a crowded market, it may be challenging to stand out. And it’s easy to fall into the trap of chasing down the Joneses when the race to “make it” keeps you so busy that you never make it. Many people could accomplish a lot more if there was a way to maintain composure and concentration in a world that is becoming more chaotic. They can see several windows open at once, which helps them multitask and stay productive.

You can also set up two separate desktop computers to improve your productivity. However, you are only provided with one HDMI port. It is possible to use one HDMI port to power two monitors. You will require a tool known as an HDMI Splitter.

What is an HDMI splitter?

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A device called an HDMI splitter divides the signal coming from your computer into two different monitors. It’s a must-have when you want to watch movies, games, or TV shows on more than one monitor.

Some HDMI splitters have two numbers on the label, one for inputs and the other for outputs (for example, the number of devices it can support). In this guide, we will talk about how to connect two monitors with single HDMI splitters.

How to Run Dual Monitors with One HDMI Port?

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In this article, we’ll go over how to use one HDMI port to connect two monitors to a single computer. You’ll need an HDMI splitter, which will connect your monitors to one port on your computer. Once connected, you’ll have to plug your audio cables into your speakers.

It’s time to start creating! But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Before we begin, we should first determine what equipment you’ll need. Before beginning, you’ll need three essential elements. An HDMI port is available on your graphics card.

A display port connector is typically a DVI or DisplayPort connection if you want to connect to your computer. It requires an adapter to connect to a VGA, HDMI, or any other video card port.

Two interoperable monitors are the following item you’ll need. If your computer supports a variety of display modes, using multiple display modes with a single HDMI port shouldn’t be challenging.

The first step is ensuring your monitors are set up to work in Dual View mode. You’ll need two HDMI cables and two active HDMI ports on the back of your computer or display. This product simply enables you to connect multiple devices to a single HDMI port; it doesn’t do anything special. All you have to do to get set up and go is connect your device(s) to each of the HDMI splitter’s available ports.

How to configure your displays

Getting your dual monitors to work together can be a challenge. Nevertheless, with the right tools, you can configure them quickly and simply. What you will discover in this chapter is briefly summarized here. You’ll learn how to set up your displays for dual viewing and go over some useful hints.

Configuring your displays for dual viewing

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On Windows, you are configuring dual-view. This article will cover the Windows dual-view configuration. If you use Linux or Mac OS, the same information will apply to the settings that will appear in the menus. Let’s focus on setting up your display on Windows for now. Windows recognizes two monitors when you connect them to your computer using an HDMI splitter and a single HDMI port. This can also be used for video editing at a pro level.

If your monitors are the same, the configuration procedure ought to be straightforward. If either monitor is different, however, you’ll need to tweak the settings to make them work together. You can set up your displays to support dual viewing. Still, you’ll need to open the Control Panel, go to Appearance and Personalization, and change your Screen Resolution.

If your monitor displays different color values, you must ensure that the color settings are identical. If the monitors match each other, you can skip this step. You can make either of your monitors your primary monitor. Choose the option that you prefer most.

If necessary, select Keep Changes under Apply to Both Monitors. Once you’ve set up your displays for dual viewing, Windows ought to detect the presence of two monitors connected via a single HDMI port. You can then drag the preview of each monitor. Wait until they are in the same positions. The text, items, and overall layout sizes can all be adjusted to fit each monitor.


It goes without saying that not everyone should use a dual-monitor setup. Nevertheless, a ton of research indicates that it can aid individuals in enhancing their productivity and judgment. Additionally, this article should be helpful if you’re curious about using a dual-monitor setup on a PC or laptop with only one HDMI port. HDMI cable is useful in many aspects like the PS4 and Nintendo Switch and for many other purposes.

We’ve covered the various advantages of using dual monitors, as well as some troubleshooting advice in case you run into difficulties setting it up. The information in this article should have been insightful and useful in helping you set up your dual monitor setup.

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