How To Transfer Data From Windows To Mac In 2023? | Easy Guide

You can transfer your data from Windows to mac by using a window migration assistant. It can transfer your email accounts, contacts, calendar, and many other things from Windows to mac easily.

How To Transfer Data From Windows To Mac?

  1. First of all, download and install a window migration assistant.
  2. Then quit or close any other apps and open your pc window
  3. Now, open the Window Migration Assistant on your pc and press continue
  4. Then, start your Mac
  5. Now, open the migration assistant which is already present in the mac folder
  6. Then follow all the prompts on the screen
  7.  Choose the option to transfer the information which is Window pc and then press continue
  8. When you’ve done with the prompts, enter your name and password in your administration account.
  9. Press on continue to close other apps
  10. Now, select the pc from available devices in the migration window of your mac
  11. Now wait to show the same passcode on your pc as same as your mac shows
  12. Then click continue on both sides
  13. Now, select the information like contacts, emails, and other files on your pc window which you want to share
  14. Click Continue
  15. It shows on your screen when your migration is complete

Before Transfer

  • Before transferring data, you must be sure that your window is up to date. You have window 7 or earlier on your pc
  • You know the password and name of your administrator account on your pc
  • You must sure or connect both pc and mac on the same network as both the devices have the same WiFi connections
  • Both devices are connected through the Ethernet cable


If you are facing any sort of problem while transferring data then check again that your window and mac both connect on the same WiFi network.

If your window migration assistant wouldn’t open then off your antivirus software on your pc and then open migration assistant again.

If you still facing problems while transferring data, then use an external drive for data transfer.

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