What Is A Digitizer On The Laptop? [A Perfect Guide Of 2023]

In this modern area, we all are familiar with touch screens. These are used in our laptops, computer, and smartphones.

In this guide, We explain What Is A Digitizer On The Laptop and the difference between a digitizer and an LCD. Let’s find out.

Now, we don’t need any additional keyboards or peripheral devices to connect to our laptops.

Digitizers help us to connect to our laptops physically. There are many parts of the touch screen but a digitizer is an advanced tool in our laptop.

Now digitizers are used instead of LCDs. This article will give detailed information about LCD vs digitized.


What Is A Digitizer On The Laptop?

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A digitizer is basically a hardware component that consists of a glass layer. It converts analog signals into digital signals.

The main purpose of the digitizer is to understand your touch and convert it into information that can be read by your laptop.

When a user touches the screen, it’s known as a swipe on the screen.

Then the digitizer will record the command and respond to that command.

If your touch fails multiple times, then you should buy a new digitizer.

How does the touchscreen digitizer work?

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A digitizer consists of small sensors that are usually not visible. These sensors are arranged in columns and rows on the screen.

When the user touches the screen, the sensors will understand your command. Sensors will receive a signal from an electronic circuit.

The apps are stored in particular locations. The electronic circuit compares the location of the apps or commands and then opens according to the request of the user.

For example, on a laptop, a user wants to open Google Chrome.

When he touches the screen, the electronic circuit compares the location of Google Chrome and opens it to respond to the user’s request.

Problems in the digitizer may cause a drop in FPS. So always keep a check and balance on the digitizer. If you are facing some issues in late action or lagging in touch clean your laptop screen to minimize the problems.

Difference Between Touch Screen and LCD

What Is a Touchscreen Digitizer?

  • A digitizer consists of a glass layer that converts the analog signals input by the user into digital signals. so that any app or command will respond according to the request of the user.
  • A user can directly touch the digitizer without disassembling it.
  • The main purpose of the digitizer is to receive the request from the user and work accordingly.
  • The digitizer screen will still work even if the LCD screen is broken. So the user can perform its functions on the laptop without worrying about the LCD screen.

What is an LCD on a laptop?

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  • Almost all the screens that we see contain LCDs. Each laptop must have an LCD.
  • The LCD screen consists of liquid pixels that will display images to the user.
  • The liquid pixels are made up of organic material, but they did not use any solid pixels.
  • The main purpose of an LCD screen is to give a graphical representation to the user. They can understand the commands of the user.
  • If the LCD screen is broken, then the user cannot properly see the screen as compared to an unbroken LCD screen.
  • Only digitizers can produce images, but laptops also need an LCD screen to display the images.


LCD vs. digitizers, both have their own functionality. Our laptop can not work without it.

The digitizer receives our request and responds to it, whereas the LCD will display images related to our request.

LCD screen backlighting to display data. The backlighting may consist of LED bulbs or light pixels.

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