What To Do If You Spill Water On Your Laptop? | 7 Helpful Steps

Some new laptops allow you to open the panel so that you easily open your device and remove the parts. You have never taken any food or drink near your laptop.

What To Do If You Spill Water On Your Laptop you Do have not to worry because we show you 7 helpful solutions to do immediately!

You also use a keyboard cover that works as a membrane and wouldn’t allow water or such things to drain under the laptop.

If you spill water on your laptop, You have the following 7 Helpful Steps to do immediately.


What to do if you spill water on your laptop?

1. Turn it off

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First of all, turn it off immediately. Unplug the power cable and hold the power button until your laptop turns off. The quicker you turn off the laptop, the more safe your device will be.

If your laptop remains turn on, it may cause a short circuit. If you observe any kind of smoke, heat, or smell; you should avoid handling your device.

2. Turn it upset down

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Take a dry cloth and wipe up the liquid on the surface of the laptop, especially near the keyboard, and ports. Then turn your laptop upset down and allow it to dry.

Place a dry towel and then put your device on it and allow it to cool. Then place your laptop in the dry place for a minimum of 24 hours and allow it for open-air drying.

Do not use a dryer or forced hot air for drying the laptop as it causes harm to your device. If you need to use it or work on it, you still place your device for drying for a minimum of 4 hours.

3. Remove the external drives

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Remove all the external drives or easily detachable components like USB, and mouse, DVD’s as it provides power to your device. If your laptop remains in and causes short circuits, it also causes harm or damage to external drives.

4. Remove the battery

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if your laptop battery is removable then, immediately remove the battery. But if your battery is also filled with liquid so you need to change your battery or sometimes your device.

5. Clean your laptop with powerful solvents

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if you observe corrosion on your device, then clean it with a powerful solvent or a strong cleansing machine. For this, open your laptop first then take a toothbrush and dip it in isopropyl alcohol and then clean your laptop gently.

Keep cleaning your laptop after a couple of months to increase its life.

6. Take your device to the repair shop

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if your laptop still creates problems after drying, you should take it to the professional repair shop because only drying the laptop doesn’t mean it is fixed, because water has some minerals in it that can easily carry electricity which may cause corrosion and harm the device.

Especially, when you spill something else other than water (like soda, soft drinks, etc.) you must take it to the repair shop because water is less acidic as compared to other drinks so these liquids cause corrosion fastly and damage your device.

7. Warranty

If your laptop is under warranty so don’t take it to any other repair shop. Give your device to that company to check it.

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