Why Is My New Laptop So Slow: How To Fix A Slow Laptop? [2022]

When you buy or get a new laptop, it works very smoothly as it has no files, no video gaming, or no video editor. But with time, things are getting change.

Your laptop starts hanging or freezing while performing tasks. It may take a long time to start-up or shut down. So, you get worried about that why is my new laptop so slow?

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Why is my new laptop so slow?

1. Many programs are running at once

Many programs are running at once

A laptop’s brain works like a human brain. It may get disturb sometimes while handle multitasking. When you do a lot of task at once or run too many programs, it slows down your laptop i-e the mouse cursor barely moves and sometimes get a freeze, the running program gives no response.

This is the reason that many of the uses don’t believe in multitasking as it slows down the laptop. The running program in the background also slows down your device so you erase it after using it.

2. Overheating


When your processor works for a long time, it raises your device temperature. While using more than one program or running heavy programs, the device is exposed to a high temperature which slows down your laptop.

3. Viruses


There is no doubt that viruses can slow down your laptop as it damages or can cause harm to your device. It disturbs the overall performance of your laptop.

When your laptop starts freezing, the program starts to open and close on its own, your screen getting dark these all indicated that there is a virus in your system.

This virus slows down your laptop and creates problems while working.

4. Internal storage

Internal storage

In every laptop or pc, a hard drive is an important thing as it helps you to save your files easily. It also helps you to do fast downloading.

The laptops which have low internal memory or storage also slows down your device as it creates problems while downloading.

When the internal storage of the laptop gets full and has no more space for the extra device, it creates problems while working and make your system slow.

5. Not enough RAM

Not enough RAM

It is considered the main memory of the laptop. It helps in quick processing and multitasking. Whenever RAM gets overloaded, it slows down the device as it slows the processor.

Whenever users do multitask and face problems while doing it. They get worried and think that why my new laptop so slow?

The reason is that their laptop has not enough RAM for multitasking or has low random access memory which is not sufficient for heavy work which slows down the laptop.

So, before choosing or purchasing your laptop you must check its RAM that fulfills your work requirements.

6. Bloatware


Whenever you turn on your laptop, you notice that there is already a lot of programs preloaded which you will never use i-e loading games which you never play, some programs you will never use. This bloatware may slow down your laptop.

I mentioned some problems or issues above which slows down our laptop. When a laptop starts running slow, it does not only create problem while working but also effect on our health.

Faster laptops are considered as best rather than the slow laptop. So, choose those new laptops which have a great processor so you do your work without any problem or without slowing down your device.

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