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Mac laptops have the best sound systems. But often users report the problem of why is the sound on my laptop so low mac.

The reason for the low sound might be different. It is important to keep your laptop in good condition to avoid any issues. I will help you in solving the issues.

You need to check your laptop for viruses, clean it, and optimize its performance.

Your laptop’s music might be below, but it is not important that your speakers are broken. To avoid such damage keep your laptop in good condition and clean it regularly. The main cause of dirt in the laptop speakers is a dirty laptop bag. So keep your bag clean and tidy.

You can fix it on your own without calling Apple’s support service.


Why is the volume on MacBook so low?

There are numerous reasons why your mac laptop’s battery suddenly runs out of power.

However, there are two most common solutions for getting your music back in shape.

Close all applications or restart the computer. Some applications are responsible for slowing down the music on Mac laptops.

Some apps, such as Safari and Team Viewer, take control of speakers too. It is important to close these applications and uncheck the option of “computer sound”.

You can also forcibly shut down your laptop to quit all applications.

Restart the NVRAM, PRAM, and SMC.NVRAM and SMC contain a lot of information about the speakers.

They can also make the music on a Mac laptop slower. So it is time to reset NVRAM and SMC.

One of the often-asked problems faced by mac users is their transfer of data from windows to mac and from mac to windows. It is simple and easy and you can do it by the app.

Why Is The Sound On My Laptop So Low Mac?

Update your operating system

Your operating system might have an old version that causes this type of problem.

It is time to update the operating system. If you want to check that your operating system is running on the new version, follow the following instructions.

  • Navigate to the Apple menu, which should be available in the upper left corner.
  • Go to system preferences
  • Go to software update.

If your laptop has an old version, then you can find an update button in the software update menu.

It is important to take a backup of your Mac laptop. The best tool for backup is the Time Machine.

Check your sound settings

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When you update your laptop, the issue with the sound will be fixed. But still, why is my Mac’s volume so low?

Then follow the following steps to overcome this issue.

  • Open the Apple menu and go to System Preferences.
  • Go to sound and then click on output.
  • There is an option for internal speakers for the device. Switch the device’s speakers to internal speakers and adjust the volume of the speakers.
  • Your speakers might also be muted. Make sure to uncheck the mute box.

If there is no internal speaker option, then reset the NVRAM. If the problem remains the same, then your speakers might be corrupted. Now you can contact Apple’s support service.

Check if the sound works in other apps

Use different apps and check whether the audio is increasing or not.

The sound problem may be restricted to an app and not to other apps.

Try changing the sound settings for that app. Each app also has settings for its speakers.

Check and adjust the settings of the speaker for the particular app.

Audio Hijack

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You can also increase the volume of your Mac laptop through Audio Hijack.

This software can help you increase the volume of your speaker.

This software can increase the normal sound to 4x the normal sound. Follow the simple instructions.

  • Download and open the audio hijack software.
  • Drag the application that you want to increase the volume in the main window.
  • Through the dropdown menu, select the application that you want to increase.
  • Open the output module.
  • Click for internal speakers
  • Adjust the volume of the app. You can set it to 2x and move the slider up. If you are still not OK with this volume, then you can click on the 3x or 4x button.


This is a very common issue. Why is my Mac’s volume so low? You can adjust the volume through different apps, such as iTunes.

There are many apps that can boost the volume of a Mac laptop.

ears Chrome is used to increase the volume of YouTube and Netflix. Which will increase the volume of Chrome too.

There is much other software, such as Boom 3D or Audio Hijack, that can boost the volume of your Mac laptop.

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