Why My Laptop Is Slow Suddenly? [A Perfect 2022 Guide]

Are you thinking, “why my laptop is slow suddenly?” If yes, then instead of acting on instincts and rushing toward the market to buy a new one, try out these simple and practical ways to speed up your laptop.

Working with windows on a slow laptop can be really hectic.

You might be speculating about trading on your computer but may not have enough resources to get yourself a new one.

So stop asking yourself, “why my laptop is slow suddenly?” and read on and follow these steps in order to boost your laptop’s speed.


Why My Laptop Is Slow Suddenly?

Update your System

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If your laptop is not demonstrating good performance, your system might be outdated.

Try keeping your laptop’s software up-to-date. It is good for both the performance and security of your computer or laptop.

Once your laptop needs an update, you will automatically get a notification from Windows.

So don’t just ignore it and avail yourself of the opportunity whenever a new update is available.

Even if you miss an update, you can still check for it later. 

  • Head to Start
  • Click on the “Settings” icon
  • Hit on Updates & Security
  • Check for any updates on “Windows Updates “.

The same goes for other apps and software. It’s super easy to check which update or version you should be using according to your Windows. 

Why did my laptop suddenly slow down?

Too many programs running simultaneously can slow down your laptop.

Try to close the needless programs and tabs running in the background.

If you are trying to start your computer and it is slow, then the system tray might be overloaded with too many programs. To close these

  • Go to the taskbar  
  • Click the arrow on the right side. The desktop will open where you can view the system tray. 
  • Right-Click on the unwanted programs to close them. 

Slowing of a laptop may cause overheating in a laptop so fixing the slow speed of the laptop can fix the overheating ultimately.

What to do when the laptop is running slow?

Similarly, there could be many programs running on startups without your awareness.

Most of these can be unwanted for example, you would need some software such as an antivirus, an installed keyboard, or a translator but others could be unnecessary. To close these; 

  • Reach the taskbar
  • Select the “task manager” 
  • You can also press the “Escape key while holding Ctrl-Shift” to launch. 
  • In the “Startup” tab you will be able to see each program running on startup and its impact on the speed of your laptop. 

How to fix my laptop running slowly?

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Alternatively, you can go to the task manager screen to view currently running or previously used programs.

Decide which ones are not required to run all the time. Disable these items.

You can always start them manually whenever needed. But be careful not to shut off any system program or those which are required by Windows to operate.

If not sure, you can always Google them to find out their purpose and importance.

To close or disable these; ( Note: In windows 7, search in “System Configuration” instead). 

  • Choose the ones needed to be disabled
  • Right-Click on them 
  • Simply, choose to disable the option
  • This is not going to disable the program, but only prevent it from running automatically on Start-up. 

How to improve a slow-running laptop?

Piling up your laptop with tons of files would definitely affect its speed and performance.

Even if you don’t see all the unwanted files on your computer, you know that there must be tons of junk files or items that you don’t need anymore, such as high-resolution images, audio, videos, and other large files.

This can especially be true if you have been using your laptop for a long time now.

Regularly delete extra files and folders and empty the trash bin as well.

And don’t consume more than 90% Capacity of HHDs and 75% of SSD, otherwise, the system may start to lag. 

Why is my laptop so slow with windows 10?

Laptopswiki - why is my laptop so slow windows 10

If your laptop’s performance is suddenly lowered then there might be some heavy program eating up the resources.

You can check the task manager to find out about that program. 

  • Right-Click on taskbar
  • Then Click on Task manager
  • Check “More Details” for current programs running. You will see the Processes tab. 

 Within the task manager screen: You can find the processes tab here by hitting on each header to sort out all the programs using most of the resources.

Close the actual app and if that does not work, you can always select that program here, right-click on it and choose End task.

Note: Again you will see the same options but in System Configuration

What causes the slowness of laptops?

Check for viruses and malicious programs that might be slowing down your computer or causing it some other harm.

These can attack from any source like unknown email or corrupt files, malicious games, etc.

My laptop is very slow and hanging

You can choose from several preset power plans according to your requirements (such as a high-performance plan) and you can always change your plans later. Custom plans are also available. 

  • Head to Control Panel 
  • Select Hardware and Sound 
  • You will see Power Options
  • Here you can choose a plan and name your new plan then select Next. 

Note: You can also turn off the unnecessary Window features. 

How to speed up my laptop?

Uninstalling old applications and programs might be a good way to speed up your laptop.

This will free up some space in your laptop and lower the load.

Reinstalling can also be beneficial as programs store unwanted data and cache. Go to 

  • Control Panel
  • In Programs, you will see programs and features. 
  • Uninstall the unused ones. 

How can I clean and speed up my laptop for free?

  •  Head to “Control panel”
  • Then “System and Security”
  • Hit “Administrative Tools”
  • Scroll down to select “Disk Cleanup
  • Choose the files to clean up (either do it manually or get the software) 

How to speed up a laptop with windows 7?

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It can prove the most effective mechanism. Your laptop might become fragmented over a period of time and run slowly while checking different places to find a certain thing.

Defragmentation will help place all fragments of a file into one place. Windows 7,10 and 8 do it automatically by default.

In Windows 7 this option will be available under Current Status after hitting on HHD in the search bar. Steps involved; 

  • In My Computer right-click the WINDOWS (C:) 
  • Go to Properties 
  • In Tools, select Optimize and defragment the drive. Select Optimize.  

Note: Only an HHD would require defragmentation. You don’t need to run the process on an SSD.

How to speed up my laptop for free?

These can overload your laptop and affect its speed. Applications may look more sleek and improved but also slow down your computer. Adjust graphics and animation settings by 

  • Right-click on Control Panel 
  • System and security
  • Hit System. Go to Advanced system settings. 
  • In the performance section, you can see a list of options by hitting “Settings”.  

For Windows 7, these settings will be available after Searching for Performance Information and Tools. 

  • Select Adjust visual effects
  • Avail of the Visual Effects tab.


If it still does not work, try upgrading your hardware as it might be outdated. You can try adding more SSD or RAM. 

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